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Lars Hjörth,
a Swedish former professional computer chess programmer and along with Ulf Rathsman co-author of the chess programs Plymate and Y! (Why Not 88 and 89). At the WMCCC 1984, where Rathsman's program Princhess became tied first, Lars Hjörth, affiliated with Johan Enroth's Systemhuset aka System Integrierung company [1], was already working with Rathsman on the Conchess program, and operated the dedicated machines [2].

The Plymate program, running as 6502 Conchess module, and co-authored by Hjörth, competed at the WMCCC 1985, the WCCC 1986, the WCCC 1987, and the WMCCC 1988 [3]. Y! (Why Not 88 and 89), also a Rathsman / Hjörth program with Sandro Necchi as book author, competed at the WMCCC 1988, WMCCC 1989, as well the WCCC 1989 [4] .
Lars Hjörth, WMCCC 1984


Thomas Nitsche, Ossi Weiner and Lars Hjörth, WMCCC 1984 Glasgow [5] [6]

Lars Hjörth, David Kittinger, Kaare Danielsen, Ulf Rathsman, WMCCC 1985 Amsterdam [7]

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