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Lewis Benjamin Stiller,
an American computer scientist, software developer, consultant and attorney [1]. At Franz Inc. he implemented a fully compliant CORBA 2.0 ORB and architected an IDL/Lisp-mapping [2], and at University of California, Berkeley, he specializes in Java architecture and worked on a Java Bayesian Inference Library. Stiller consulted for numerous corporations including IBM and NEC, was CTO at Corimbia, joined the management of Software Comprehension, Inc. [3] and is principal member of the Bright Consulting Group.

Lewis Stiller holds a Ph.D. on Parallel Algorithms in AI from Johns Hopkins University, and has worked on High-Performance AI Software at Thinking Machines and Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he researched on massively parallel retrograde analysis of certain chess endgames using a CM-2. He is co-author (along with Gady Costeff) of the free Chess Query Language (CQL), which uses SCID code by Shane Hudson [4].
Jesse Townley, Rose Acampora and Lewis Stiller [5]

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