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Liang Li, (Liang Lee, Lang Lee) [1]
a Chinese computer scientist affiliated with the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, (ICT, CAS) Beijing [2], where he already defended his Master's degree in computer software and theory in 2013, while his Bachelor's degree in software engineering originates from Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) in 2010 [3]. His research interests include high performance computing, distributed computing, big data analytics and artificial intelligence. He worked and published on parallel game tree search using GPUs applied to chess and Connect6 [4].
Liang Li [5]



Along with Hao Cui, Ruijian Wang and Siran Lin, Liang Li is co-author of the strong Connect6 open source program Cloudict, written in C++, which uses alpha-beta and VCF search [6]. Cloudict won Silver as Bitstronger at the 13th Computer Olympiad, Beijing 2008, and Gold as Bit at the 14th Computer Olympiad, Pamplona 2009 when their authors were affiliated with the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). Cloudict won Gold at the 16th Computer Olympiad, Tilburg 2011.


The multi-platform Connect6 GUI ConnectMore is written in Python 3 [7]. It is dedicated for Cloudict as default engine but supports other Connect6 programs with similar protocol.

Chinese Deep

The Phantom Go program Chinese Deep aka Bit was also written by the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) team with Hao Cui, Ruijian Wang, Siran Lin and Liang Li, and performs MCTS similar as described by Tristan Cazenave [8], and participated at the 13th Computer Olympiad, Beijing 2008 [9] and the 14th Computer Olympiad, Pamplona 2009 respectively.


Liang Li is further author of the Reversi engine SimReversi, written in C and also published on GitHub as open source [10].

Selected Publications

[11] [12]

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