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Manik Charan,
an Indian computer scientist affiliated with the Manipal University Jaipur [1]. As computer chess programmer, he is author of the open source chess engines WyldChess [2] and Teki [3], the Perft generator BBPerft derived from WyldChess [4], and the tool epd2uci.py, written in Python based on the python-chess library by Niklas Fiekas, to test UCI engines over epd collections [5].

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  1. ^ Manik Charan | LinkedIn
  2. ^ GitHub - Mk-Chan/WyldChess: A UCI/Xboard compatible chess engine in C/C++
  3. ^ GitHub - Mk-Chan/Teki: A free UCI-compliant chess engine in C++
  4. ^ GitHub - Mk-Chan/BBPerft: A fast, bitboard based chess perft result generator derived from WyldChess
  5. ^ Chess-Tools/epd2uci.py at master · Mk-Chan/Chess-Tools · GitHub

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