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Marc Stephen Bourzutschky,
an American physicist [1] and Endgame Tablebase researcher. Marc Bourzutschky created six piece EGTBs for Johan de Koning's compact Chessmaster format [2]. Since 2005 Marc Bourzutschky collaborated with Yakov Konoval on 7-man EGTB. Yakov wrote the generator and Marc the verification program and some utilities for extracting data [3][4].

EGTB records

In October 2005, Marc Bourzutschky and Yakov Konoval announced that a position in the ending of a KRRNkrr requires 290 moves to convert to a simpler winning endgame [5]. The old record was 243 moves from a position in a rook and knight versus two knights endgame, discovered by Lewis Stiller in 1991 [6]. In March 2006 the wizards of 7-men endgames, Marc Bourzutschky and Yakov Konoval found a 330 moves win in KQBNkqb [7] and in May 2006 a 517 moves win in KQNkrbn [8] [9].

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