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Mark Levene,
a British professor of computer science and member of the Information Management and Web Technologies Group [1] at the School of Computer Science and Information Systems [2], Birkbeck College, University of London. He published several papers concerning various topics of computer chess.
Mark Levene [3]

Move Choices

Along with Judit Bar-Ilan, Mark Levene published on move choices of chess engines, and compared typical opening move choices made by humans and engines using nonparametric association measures, a weighted version of Spearman's rank correlation coefficients, and the Jensen-Shannon divergence (JSD) nonparametric measure, which allows to measure the similarity between two distributions [4].

Congruent Modulo Bitboards

While Fenner's and Levene's 2008 paper about Congruent Modulo Bitboards [5] provides great mathematical insights in Congruent Modulo arithmetic, their final conclusion in comparison with Hashing Dictionaries, Rotated Bitboards and Magic Bitboards was criticized due to the obvious comparison with Kindergarten Bitboards [6].

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