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Martin Bryant,
a British computer scientist, and computer chess and games programmer. In the late 70s, while studying at the University of Manchester and some first chess programming trials, he got reawakened when he discovered a chess program listing on the university mainframe, a CDC Cyber 72, apparently the version of Chess 3.5 which won the ACM 1971 [1]. Along with studying that listing as well as Monroe Newborn's book Computer Chess [2], Martin wrote his own chess program in Pascal, dubbed White Knight. After graduating, he started to port White Knight in 6502 Assembly for an Apple II. He played the European MCC 1981 and soon became a professional chess and games programmer, also working for David Levy and Kevin O’Connell and their respective companies Philidor Software and Intelligent Software. In 1983, White Knight was bought by BBC for the BBC Micro [3] [4], and Martin soon started with his mighty Colossus brand programs Colossus Chess, Colossus Draughts and Colossus Backgammon. In the 90s, Martin Bryant supplied most of Colossus Draughts opening book knowledge to Jonathan Schaeffer's Chinook program [5] [6]. In 2004 Martin Bryant started to work on a completely new version of Colossus Chess conforming to the UCI protocol [7] .
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