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Martin Stamer,
a German wholesale chess bookseller and publisher, owner of EuroChess Zentrale [1] Königswinter. From 1994 until 1997 exclusive distributor of IsiChess by Gerd Isenberg and exclusive European distributor of MChess by Marty Hirsch, which became World Microcomputer Chess Champion at the WMCCC 1995 in Paderborn.
Martin Stamer [2]

Legal Issues

Due to advertisement issues and disputed statements in EuroChess' Chess Computer Catalog 1996 [3], problems with monetary consequences for the programmers under contract arose. Mutual preliminary injunction initiated by Stamer's business rival Ossi Weiner and continuous court cases over years [4] was the consequence. In February 1997 Marty Hirsch made a public accusation against his former distributor in a newsgroup [5] [6], while he was already about to collaborate with Weiner. The German Magazine Computerschach und Spiele broached that issue [7], where Stamer made a counter statement.

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