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Matthew L. Ginsberg,
an American computer scientist, mathematician, games and Bridge programmer, Ph.D. in mathematics from University of Oxford in 1980 at the age of 24 [1], and researcher and professor at Stanford University and University of Oregon. In 1992, at University of Oregon, Ginsberg founded The Computational Intelligence Research Laboratory (CIRL) [2], and since 1998 he is CEO of On Time Systems, an advanced-technology company specializing in software for optimization of complex industrial problems [3]. His research interests include the fields of artificial intelligence and optimization mathematics with focus on constraint satisfaction and search.
Matthew L. Ginsberg [4]

Essentials of AI

While affiliated with Stanford University in the early 90s, Matthew Ginsberg authored Essentials of Artificial Intelligence [5] offering introductory AI courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels.



Ginsberg's Intelligent Bridgeplayer GIB was the world's first expert-level bridge-playing program [6], performfing a double-dummy partition search. GIB was World Computer-Bridge Champion in 1998 [7] and 1999 [8].


Matthew Ginsberg is further author of the American-style crossword puzzle solver Dr.Fill, which works by converting a crossword to a weighted constraint satisfaction problem and then attempting to maximize the probability that the fill is correct [9] [10].

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