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Mephisto Montreux,
a dedicated chess computer with an ARM6 32Bit RISC Processor running at 14 MHz, produced and market by Hegener & Glaser, already acquired by Saitek in 1994 just short before the Montreux was released in 1995, with a program by Johan de Koning derived from The King, also related to the Saitek RISC 2500 and Tasc R30 [1]. Mephisto Montreux was the last and lonesome dedicated computer competing a World Microcomputer Chess Championship, the WMCCC 1995 in Paderborn with respectable 5/11 versus programs running on PCs and SPARC workstations, and much higher clock rates from 60 to 120 MHz [2].
Montreux around 1900 [3]

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