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Michael E. Duffy,
an American software architect and long-time principal of Michael E. Duffy & Associates, a technology consulting company based in Santa Rosa, California. In 1978, he graduated from Harvard University concentrating in engineering and applied science [1].
Michael E. Duffy [2]

Software Toolworks

Michael E. Duffy joined The Software Toolworks, Inc. in December, 1986 - and was along with Walt Bilofsky and David Kittinger one of the creators of the Chessmaster 2000 [3]. He spent 10 years at Software Toolworks and Mindscape, rising to the position of Executive Vice-president and General manager of its game division, where he was responsible for all entertainment products published under the Toolworks, SSI and Mindscape brands. He was directly involved with the sale of The Software Toolworks, to Pearson PLC for $462 million in April, 1994 [4] [5].

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