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Michel Gondran,
a French mathematician and physicist, and outgoing president of Académie Européenne Interdisciplinaire des Sciences (AEIS) [1] [2] [3], with former appointments as research scientist at University Paris Dauphine, Lamsade, Paris, and Électricité de France (EDF), Clamart. His research interests cover a broad range from graph theory, artificial intelligence, operations research, quantum mechanics and interdisciplinary topics. In 1995, while affiliated with Direction des Etudes et Recherches (D.E.R.) at EDF, he co-authored the parallel chess program Frenchess along with Marc-François Baudot, Jean-Christophe Weill and Jean-Luc Seret, running on a Cray T3D with 128 DEC Alpha 21064 processors. Frenchess participated at the WCCC 1995 and finished fourth, tied with Deep Blue Prototype [4].
Michel Gondran [5]

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