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Miguel A. Ballicora,
an Argentinean Biochemist and Assistant Chair at Loyola University Chicago with a Ph.D. from Leloir Institute, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, later Postdoctoral and Assistant Professor (Research) at Michigan State University. His current research focuses on the enzymes of glycogenesis in bacteria, and starch in plants, with a particular interest in their molecular evolution [1].

Miguel is FIDE Master in over the board chess [2], and as chess programmer author of the chess engine Gaviota, which supports both the Chess Engine Communication Protocol and UCI and is able to generate and use its own endgame tablebases, Gaviota tablebases. Gaviota's EGTB code has been released under the liberal MIT license, therefor basically anybody can use it with almost no restrictions [3]. He is further author of Ordo, a program to calculate ratings of individual chess engines (or players) with similar goals as Elo, but a different model and algorithm [4] [5].
Miguel A. Ballicora [6]

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