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Milton Bradley Phantom,
a robot type dedicated chess computer by Milton Bradley International Inc., sold as MB Grandmaster on the American market, the Milton in Germany, The Netherlands and France, and the Phantom in the UK. It has a X-Y plotter type actuator with drive belts which pull a solenoid up and down two metal rods in the x and y axes, able to pick up individual magnetic, and therefor recognizable pieces, and to move them over a touch sensory board. The chess program and the software to control the electromagnetic system which moved the pieces was developed by Intelligent Software. According to Schachcomputer.info Wiki, the 6502 16KiB program was written by Mark Taylor, and was similar to the program of the Chess Champion Mark V [1]. The Milton Bradleys were in production before the end of 1982 and in the shops early in 1983 [2]. Still in the 80's, Fidelity Electronics bought the rights on the Phantom [3] and released a follow up model with a program by Dan and Kathe Spracklen, the Fidelity Phantom [4].
MB Phantom Box [5]

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