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Milton Bradley, (Milton Bradley Company, MB)
an American board game company established by Milton Bradley in Springfield, Massachusetts, with the The Checkered Game of Life in 1860, America's first popular parlour game.

Between 1969 and 1975, MB developed the Milton Bradley Playmate, a first prototype of a robotic toy which never saw an official release, but it served as the inspiration for future Milton Bradley products.
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In 1981, MB contacted David Levy of Intelligent Software asking for advice, and after a meeting introducing their X-Y plotter type, electromagnetic sensory board, moving its own magnetic pieces, started a cooperation with Intelligent Software on the development of a dedicated chess computer, yielding in the release of the Milton Bradley Phantom in early 1983 [2].


Milton Bradley was taken over by Hasbro, Inc., in 1984, discontinuing the chess computer market. Now wholly owned by Hasbro, it is still retained as one of Hasbro's brands, similar to the manner in which Parker Brothers is one of Hasbro's brands [3]. Still in the 80's, Fidelity Electronics bought the rights on the Phantom [4] and released a follow up model with a program by Dan and Kathe Spracklen, the Fidelity Phantom [5].

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