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Minority attack,
a method of play typical in positions where white has pawns on a2, b2 and d4, whereas black has pawns on a7, b7, c6 and d5, the so-called Carlsbad Pawn Structure [1]. Despite the fact that black nominally has a pawn majority on the queenside, white attacks by moving the b-pawn forward and organizing piece pressure along the c-file. Then either white plays b5xc6, weakening black c-pawn, or black plays c6xb5, opening the c-file and isolating the d-pawn.

Beside the typical heuristics considering backward and isolated pawns and rooks on open files, a possible idea to encourage a minority attack would be an additional advance bonus for pawns adjacent to half-open files, considering king safety related pawn shield issues.
The Carlsbad Pawn Structure [2]

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  2. ^ The "Karlsbad" Pawn Structure (pdf)

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