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In Chess terminology or game notation, a Move (or full move) implies a piece movement of both sides, white and black, e.g. 1. d4 Nf6. To relax this ambiguity, the term Half-move is used, also donated as one ply, to make sure that it is only the piece movement of one single side. However, in the context of chess programming, if not stated otherwise, the term Move refers the piece movement of one side, thus a half-move.

In the context of search, a Move is the edge, connecting two Nodes, which represent two consecutive chess positions inside one path of the search tree.
Irving Amen, Chess Move, 1977 [1]

Type of Moves

Quiet Moves

Altering Material

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Adjunct Moves

Those moves are determined by search and are matter of move ordering:

Make and Unmake

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  2. ^ GitHub - BarakOshri/ConvChess: Predicting Moves in Chess Using Convolutional Neural Networks

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