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Novag Sapphire,
a portable dedicated chess computer by Novag with a Hitachi H8 8-bit microcontroller, running a program based on WChess by David Kittinger in 64 KiB of ROM using 129 KiB of RAM including 118 Kib for transposition tables [1]. The pocket computer was released in 1994, along with the desktop Diamond version with a pressure sensory board and the same program. Sapphire and Diamond both support the Novag Universal Electronic Chess Board, and were members of the Novag Super System.
Sapphire I with magnetic chess board [2]

Novag Sapphire II

The Novag Sapphire II and Novag Diamond II, released in 1997 used faster clock frequency and a improved WChess software in 160 KiB ROM in almost the same housing.

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