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The PDP-10 was a mainframe computer family manufactured and sold by Digital Equipment Corporation from 1967. Its architecture was an almost identical version of the earlier PDP-6 architecture, sharing the same 36-bit word length and slightly extending the instruction set with improved hardware implementation. PDP-10 had 18-bit word addresses, in a so called supervisor mode, instruction addresses correspond directly to physical memory, In user mode, addresses are translated to physical memory. There are 16 general-purpose, 36-bit registers.

The PDP-10 was the foundation of the DECsystem-10 and the DECSYSTEM-20 and ran a variety of operating systems including TOPS-10, ITS, WAITS, TYMCOM-X, TENEX, and TOPS-20 [1]. TOPS-10 was the first widely used timesharing system.
PDP-10 debut, September 1967 [2]

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