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Patrick Henry Winston,
an American computer scientist and professor of Artificial Intelligence at MIT. His book Artificial Intelligence covers the broad range of AI-Issues [1], including Search, Alpha-Beta and Learning. Winston is also author of various books on Programming Languages, such as Java, Smalltalk, C, C++ and Lisp [2].
Patrick Winston [3]

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  1. Introduction and Scope
  2. Reasoning: Goal Trees and Problem Solving
  3. Reasoning: Goal Trees and Rule-Based Expert Systems
  4. Search: Depth-First, Hill Climbing, Beam
  5. Search: Optimal, Branch and Bound, A*
  6. Search: Games, Minimax, and Alpha-Beta [6] [7]
  7. Constraints: Interpreting Line Drawings
  8. Constraints: Search, Domain Reduction
  9. Constraints: Visual Object Recognition
  10. Introduction to Learning, Nearest Neighbors
  11. Learning: Identification Trees, Disorder
  12. Learning: Neural Nets, Back Propagation
  13. Learning: Genetic Algorithms
  14. Learning: Sparse Spaces, Phonology
  15. Learning: Near Misses, Felicity Conditions
  16. Learning: Support Vector Machines
  17. Learning: Boosting
  18. Representations: Classes, Trajectories, Transitions
  19. Architectures: GPS, SOAR, Subsumption, Society of Mind
  20. AI business, not available
  21. Probabilistic Inference I
  22. Probabilistic Inference II
  23. Model Merging, Cross-Modal Coupling, Course Summary


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