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Petr Baudiš (Pasky),
a Czech computer scientist, freelance programmer and researcher at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics [1], Charles University in Prague, also teaching Programming and Game Algorithms. His research interests include Artificial Intelligence, in particular game tree search. He is the main author of the Go playing program Pachi [2] .
Petr Baudiš [3]


16th Computer Olympiad, Go (9x9) award ceremony, Hideki Kato (Gold on behalf of Zen), Aja Huang,
(Bronze with Fuego), Petr Baudiš (Silver with Pachi) and Jaap van den Herik [4]

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  1. ^ Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
  2. ^ Pachi - Board Game of Go / Weiqi / Baduk
  3. ^ pasky (Petr Baudis) · GitHub
  4. ^ Photo by Gerd Isenberg, November 22, 2011
  5. ^ Brief CV (pdf)

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