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an open source program for solving orthodox and heterodox [1] chess problems. The original author of Popeye was Philippe Schnoebelen who wrote it in Pascal under MS-DOS in 1983. The code was later donated in the spirit of the free software movement. Elmar Bartel, Norbert Geissler, Thomas Maeder, Torsten Linß, Stefan Hoening, Stefan Brunzen, Harald Denker, Thomas Bark and Stephen Emmerson, converted Popeye to C, and now maintain the program [2] . Popeye has a command-line interface and can be used with several operating systems. It can be connected to various GUIs [3], notably APwin by Paul Wiereyn [4], Fancy by Marek Kwiatkowski [5], or Ankona, a web-based application written by Ilja Ketris [6]. PopeyeUCI [7] by Franz Huber can run under any UCI compatible GUI [8] .
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