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a private chess engine by Sander de Zoete which played the ICT 2003 and the ICT 2004. Praetorian's internal board representation relies on Reverse Bitboards [1] , which requires to serialize two sets for sliding piece move generation, one for the positive ray-directions and one for the reversed negative ray-directions.
Praetorian Guard [2]

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  1. ^ Reverse Bitboards by Sander de Zoete, CCC, January 13, 2003
  2. ^ Praetorian relief circa 51-52 A.D., marble 161 x 123 cm. The Louvre in Paris, (MA 210MR.337) Cat. no. 115. Found in Rome, documented in 1577, and part of the Mattei collection since 1615, it was acquired in 1824. Part of the arch of Princeps Claudius, ruled from 41-54 A.D. Parts of this wonderful Julio Claudian sculpture were restored in the 16th century. Julio Claudian Praetorian Guard Relief by Joe Geranio, CoinForum, July 05, 2008

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