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Dr. Rainer Feldmann,
a German computer games researcher and chess programmer, member of the research group of Burkhard Monien at the University of Paderborn. Together with Peter Mysliwietz, Rainer Feldmann is co-author of the massive parallel chess program Zugzwang applying the Young Brothers Wait Concept, and the single processor program Alpha I [1] . Rainer and Peter were also tournament organizers as well as participants and three times winner of the earlier International Paderborn Computer Chess Championships IPCCC.

Rainer Feldmann holds a Ph.D. on Game Tree Search on Massively Parallel Systems [2] and introduced Fail-High Reductions, as implemented in Zugzwang [3] .
Rainer Feldmann [4]


Chrilly, Vincent, Ulf (back) and Rainer, IPCCC 1998 [5]

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