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Rainer M. A. Neuhäusler,
a German computer chess aficionado and tester with preference for Gambit lines [1]. In the 80s, while affiliated with Hegener & Glaser, he was member of the Mephisto team during the WMCCC 1984 in Glasgow, acting as Mephisto operator as well as photographer for the German computer chess magazine Computerschach und Spiele.


Thomas Nitsche, Ossi Weiner and Lars Hjörth, WMCCC 1984 Glasgow [2] [3]

WMCCC Memories

In a 2009 CCC forum post about the above photo, Rainer Neuhäusler mentioned his authorship and recollected his memories about the WMCCC 1984 [4]:
I shot this picture as a member of the Mephisto-Team in the tournament room of the Ingram Hotel, Glasgow. The name of this young man is Lars Hjörth. He was the Co-Programmer of the Conchess-Modul by Ulf Rathsman and he also did his job as an operator on the tournament board. I faced him during a tournament game beween Conchess and Mephisto and I remember him as a likable and fair guy who didn't speak very much for 5 reasons:

He was a chess player, he was a programmer, he was my opponent, he was a Swede or a Norwegian and I also prefered to be in silence. Nevertheless, there was one communicative event during this game. When I once touched unfortunately the wrong piece Lars didn't cry for the referee, but he only asked very astonished: "why are you so nervous"! A very honest guy this Lars Hjorth, indeed!

I know, there is only asked for the name of that guy, but I can't help it, many memories are bubbling up. Once again the "Who's Who" of Computer Chess came together in Glasgow: legendary programmers like Dan and Kathe Spracklen (Fidelity), Richard Lang (Psion) or Martin Bryant (Colossus). And you were sitting on the same table with Jan Louwman, Monroe Newborn and David Levy to talk about Computerchess. When I remember correctly, Harry Schnapp, well known as author of the current Arena Main Book, also honoured the fourth WMCCC at Glasgow with his presence.

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