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Ren Wu,
a Chinese American computer scientist and former Chinese chess and chess programmer. He is researcher in the Hewlett Packard Intelligent Information Management Lab in Palo Alto, California [1], focused on enabling near real-time business intelligence with robust, scalable data management, data-intensive analytics and fusion of structured and unstructured information [2], GPU computing, and massively parallel algorithms [3].


Ren Wu's Chinese and Western chess programs were Surprise, two times Chinese chess Gold Medal winner at the 3rd and 4th Computer Olympiad, and the chess program Initiative which did not compete in ICCA tournaments [4] [5]. According to Chris Whittington the chess software for the Psion 3a PDA was written by Ren Wu [6].

ICGA Journal Award

Along with Don Beal, Ren Wu researched and published on Retrograde Analysis for Chinese Chess Endgame Tablebases, and won the 2002 ICGA Journal Award [7].

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