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Richard Stuart Sutton,
an American computer scientist and AI-researcher. Since 2003, Richard S. Sutton is a professor in the Department of Computing Science [1] at the University of Alberta and is principal investigator of the RLAI [2] group. Rich's research interests center on the learning problems facing a decision-maker interacting with its environment, which he sees as central to artificial intelligence. He is the author of the original paper on Temporal Difference Learning [3] and, with Andrew Barto, of the textbook Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction [4] . He is also interested in animal learning psychology, in connectionist networks, and generally in systems that continually improve their representations and models of the world [5] .
Richard Sutton [6]

Selected Publications

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  • Richard Sutton (1978). Single channel theory: A neuronal theory of learning. Brain Theory Newsletter 3, No. 3/4, pp. 72-75. pdf

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