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Robert West Howard,
an Australian psychologist and lecturer at School of Education, University of New South Wales. His research interests include individual differences, learning and memory, and motivation.
Robert W. Howard [1]

Rise of Human Intelligence?

Robert W. Howard studied how the chess ratings of top players escalated over decades, and he concluded that the entire world is just getting smarter. Ratings growth is preliminary evidence that “average human intelligence really is rising,” he wrote [2]. Fernand Gobet et al. suggested that this explanation has several difficulties, showing that alternative explanations relating to changes in the chess environment, including increased access to chess knowledge, offer better explanations for the increased presence of young players at top-level chess [3]. As pointed out by Andrew Soltis [4], in contrast to Howard's claim, Ken Regan has a more modest goal. He devised a new metric, Intrinsic Performance Rating (IPR), to measure the move quality of great players of the past using the Rybka program [5].

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