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Shawn Benn,
an American computer scientist, software and database engineer, from 1989 — 1996 at Department of Computer Science, University of Maine, and since then, in the industry [1]. In 1992, along with Danny Kopec, he recalibrated the Bratko-Kopec Test using six commercial chess programs, Chessmaster 3000, Excel 68000, MChess, Sargon IV, Sargon V and Zarkov 2.5 [2].

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  1. ^ Shawn Benn - LinkedIn
  2. ^ Shawn Benn, Danny Kopec (1993). The Bratko-Kopec Test Recalibrated. ICCA Journal, Vol. 16, No. 3, pdf
  3. ^ Revised version of the paper Comparison and Testing of Six Commercial Computer Chess Programs, presented at the WCCC 1992 - Workshop: The Impact of Computer Chess on AI Research by Tony Marsland

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