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Stan Arts,
a Dutch computer game and chess programmer, who already started programming with age eight on a Commodore 64, writing programs and games in Basic and 6502 assembly language, since 1994 on an 486 PC in Turbo Pascal and inline assembly with focus on 3D graphics. In 2002, he became interested in chess programming, starting with an 8x8 Board and re-inventing Minimax. Stan discovered chess programming in the Internet, learned about alpha-beta and met José Lauro Strapasson [1], author of PreChess, who pointed him the Free-Pascal compiler and taught him the WinBoard protocol [2]. Already in summer 2002 Stan was able to publish his first WinBoard compatible chess engine dubbed Stan's Chess [3], soon also with an own 3D Graphics Board GUI, later evolving to Neurosis [4]. His recent program Nemeton, also written in Pascal, had its debut at the PT 47 in 2014, and was released soon after [5].
Richard Pijl and Stan Arts, DOCCC 2004 [6]

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