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Stefan Meyer-Kahlen,
a German computer scientist, professional computer chess programmer, and author of the world class chess engine Shredder [1]. In the early 90s Stefan was co-author of XXXX in coorperation with his fellow Martin Zentner, and began to develop his own program Shredder in 1995. After his success, winning the WMCCC 1996 in Djakarta, he started his professional career. Along with SOS author Rudolf Huber, Stefan Meyer-Kahlen designed the UCI protocol, which was released in 2000 [2].
Stefan Meyer-Kahlen [3]


Theo van der Storm and SMK, celebrating IPCCC 1998 [4]

Stefan Meyer-Kahlen talking with Axel Fritz about Pocket Fritz, 2001 [5]

Jean-Louis Boussin (right) is explaining the 'plan of attack' in Futé
to Stefan and Gian-Carlo, WCCC 2005 Reykjavik [6]

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