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Supra, (SupraChess)
an UCI compliant open source chess engine by Pedro MourĂ£o Soares Correia. This idiosyncratic, not comparable approach seems an attempt to unwind the recursive Alpha-Beta calls for apparently different deep cutoff conditions until a maximum depth of 18 (in 23.1 increased to 24), each routine instantiated maxdepth times 12 for each kind of piece, times at least two for various pruning filters - all packed in one clumsy and obfuscated, hopefully generated C++ file of 7MiB [1] full of boolean tautology expressions. The board is represented as two-dimensional 8x8 array, with 18 explicit global incarnations for the search, and a 1000x8x8 array for the game record to check for repetitions.
Wormhole [2]

Wormhole Pruning

A typical floating point deep cutoff condition, dubbed "wormhole pruning" looks like this. Alpha identifiers have even text indices, the betas odd [3].
if (alfa16>=beta17 || alfa14>=beta17 || alfa12>=beta17 
 || alfa10>=beta17 || alfa8 >=beta17 || alfa6 >=beta17 
 || alfa4 >=beta17 || alfa2 >=beta17 || alfa0 >=beta17 || beta17<=-MAXcut17)
  goto fim;

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