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TLCS/TLCV, (Tom's Live Chess Server and Viewer)
a chess game web broadcast server and client (viewer) by Thomas McBurney to transmit and view live games from WinBoard or Arena on the internet using UDP.


The TLCS server is a Windows console application written in PowerBASIC, configured by a "server.ini" file. It does not directly interfere with WinBoard or Arena, but monitors and parses its debug file [1] to prepare and transmit new information to all connected viewers [2].


The TLCV client is written in Visual Basic with an own GUI to run under Windows. Two alternative TLCV-compatible clients WBROG and REGO were developed by Andrew Fan, REGO written in platform independent Java to run on various operating systems [3]. A further TLCV-compatible live chess viewer is livius by Martin Sedlak written in C++ using Qt 5 and released as open source under the zlib license [4], which also gives insights in the TLCS/TLCV protocol in TLCVClient::receive [5].

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