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a Chess Engine Communication Protocol aka WinBoard and UCI compliant chess engine by Matthias Gemuh, written in C++ using Borland C++Builder 5.0, first released in March 2003. Taktix has the same Board Representation, and features almost the same search as BigLion, albeit a more speculative evaluation for a more entertaining playing style [1]. According to its author, Taktix likes to sacrifice material in exchange for weird positions [2]. Since 2.23w in fall 2005, Taktix is able to play Chess960 [3]

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  1. ^ BigLion says Good Bye by Matthias Gemuh, Winboard Forum, March 01, 2003
  2. ^ BigLion Homepage
  3. ^ BigLion 2.23w and Taktix 2.23w by Matthias Gemuh, CCC, November 24, 2005

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