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Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany.
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  • Friedrich L. Bauer (ed.), Thomas Ströhlein et al. (2007). 40 Jahre Informatik in München: 1967 – 2007 Festschrift, pdf (German)
    Langmaack's road to Munich computer science (pp. 68,69)
    In the ninth grade in 1949 at Bismarck School Elmshorn, Dr. Dr. hab. Hermann Athens once hold a substitute lesson in mathematics, and he talked about electrical circuits and Boolean logic, and was convinced that one day circuits could play chess. At the same time our village policeman Woldach taught me to play chess. Woldach accounted Athens confidence for an impossible fantasy. Our chess nights now always ended in long discussions about the possibility and impossibility of mechanical chess playing. Mr. Athens was my first lesson in computer science education.

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