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Tei Laine,
a Finnish computer and cognitive scienctist at Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) [1] in Singapore. She received her M.Sc.in CS from University of Helsinki, 1996, and a Ph.D. in CS and cognitive science from Indiana University, 2006 [2] [3] . Her research interests include complex systems, agent-based models, decision making, learning, and Language evolution.
Tei Laine [4]

Chess Experiments

At University of Helsinki, Tei Laine conducted cognitive experiments in chess along with Pertti Saariluoma. In their simulations, Saariluoma and Laine contrast two chunking heuristics. A heuristic where chunks are built around a focal piece, using adjacent pieces, and second, a heuristic based on the frequency of co-occurrence and similarity of pieces, which is not constrained by spatial proximity. Their result was discussed by Fernand Gobet in 2007 [5] .

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