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Thomas Gaksch,
a German software developer and chess programmer, who already wrote his first chess program Hypra-Chess [1] in 6510 assembly with age 16-17 [2], published in 1987 as part of a Commodore 64 game collection [3] [4]. In 2004-2005, Thomas Gaksch used the Fruit 2.0 source code by Fabien Letouzey, already under the GNU General Public License, to make some tweaks and modifications, to distribute the executable under the name Toga to some testers, soon causing clone suspicions and announcements [5].

Thomas Gaksch apologized immediately [6], Toga and its successor Toga II with multi-processor support were declared based on Fruit, fulfilling its license as published with sources under the GPL [7]. As "official" Fruit derivative [8] Toga II was used by Kai Himstedt as primary engine for his GridChess and Cluster Toga entities, competing the WCCC 2007 and WCCC 2008 with Fabien Letouzey and Thomas Gaksch mentioned as co-authors.

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