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Thomas Nitsche,
a German mathematician and computer scientist, former computer chess programmer, and along with Elmar Henne affiliated with Proximic, a high performance contextual matching service. As student at the University of Freiburg, Thomas Nitsche started computer chess programming in the early 70s. His program Orwell already played the first First GI Computer Chess Tournament 1975 in Dortmund. When Nitsche went to the Technical University of Munich, he started to write a parallel version of Orwell, called Parwell, in collaboration with Elmar Henne and Wolfram Wolff. Henne and Nitsche were most famous for their mighty Mephisto computers with the unique Briquette design, manufactured by Hegener & Glaser [1].
Thomas Nitsche [2]


Thomas Nitsche, Ossi Weiner and Lars Hjörth, WMCCC 1984 Glasgow [3][4]

Thomas Nitsche operating Mephisto III versus Susan and Sofia Polgar 1985 [5]

Thomas Nitsche with CEO Philipp Pieper [6]


Quote from Proximic to Syndicate Ads For Yahoo, eBay [7] :
The architect behind Proximic's contextual-matching engine is Thomas Nitsche, a German mathematician who won the world microcomputer chess title in 1984. Nitsche serves as Proximic's chief technical officer.

The computers Nitsche was turning into world-class chess champions in the 1980's had about 5 kilobytes of memory. He applied the same economical method of coding to Proximic's pattern-proximity technology, which boasts the ability to handle tens of millions of ads with only a fraction of the servers required in keyword-based systems with much smaller inventories.

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