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Tom Fürstenberg,
a Dutch computer chess expert, chess and computer chess salesman, formerly representing Fidelity Electronics. With his close friend David Bronstein, Tom Fürstenberg is co-author of The Sorcerer's Apprentice [1][2].

Tom Fürstenberg participiated at Aegon Tournaments on both sides, operating Fidelity computers [3], as well as playing the Aegon 1997 on the human side [4].
Tom Fürstenberg and Anatoly Karpov [5]


Tom Fürstenberg between Anatoly Karpov and chairman Cock de Gorter, 1985 [6]

Tom Fürstenberg and David Bronstein, Aegon 1991 [7]


by Tom Fürstenberg [8]:
At the end of the 70's I got very interested in computer chess and chess computers and in 1977 I bought the first chess computer that became available commercially. I traveled a lot from one such tournament to another and made many new friends and in 1986 I actually started a business selling chess computers. We were selling a lot of computers but not really making any profit. When I started investigating closely, I found out that my only employee had been stealing computers from me and was selling them for his own benefit. I fired him on the spot in 1992 and a legal battle started which I finally won end of 1998. We settled for half what he was condemned to pay. It was just enough to cover my legal fees but for it had become a matter of principle.

As I had no longer the possibility to give adequate after-sales-service without my technical man and as the market became saturated anyway, I discontinued selling chess computers. I now only sell chess playing programs and chess database programs for the PC by mail order. The main advantage is that floppies and CD-ROMs don’t require any after-sales service and if there is something wrong a simple exchange will cure that.


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