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Tom Pronk,
a Dutch computer scientist and professional software engineer. While affiliated with the Delft University of Technology in the mid 80s, he got interested in computer chess programming, and was along with Sito Dekker, Roger Hünen, Jaap van den Herik, and Harry Nefkens member of the Dutch team, as mentioned in the DOCCC 1987 tournament bulletin [1]. Later in the 80s, while affiliated with Maastricht University, along with Roger Hünen, Harry Nefkens and Jaap van den Herik, he continued chess programming on the program Much, the Maastricht University Chess Program, which competed the WCCC 1989 in Edmonton [2]. Additionally, Tom Pronk wrote his own PC-program Prochess in his spare time, participating the WCCC 1992 in Madid, various Dutch Computer Chess Championships, and the the C-Language Division of Don Beal's Uniform-Platform UPCCC 1992 and UPCCC 1993 [3] [4].

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