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Tony Guilfoyle,
a British [1] computer scientist, and games and Bridge programmer. Along with Richard Hooker, Tony Guilfoyle is co-author of the chess program Vaxchess, which played the WCCC 1986 in Cologne, and the Scrabble program Quetzal based on Monte-Carlo sampling, which won the Gold medal at the 4th Computer Olympiad, Scrabble, London, 1992 [2].


Further, Tony Guilfoyle was involved in the development of multiple Bridge programs, his lonesome effort Vtech (aka Gemini Bridge) won Silver at the 1st Computer Olympiad 1989. Bridge Baron in collaboration with Tom Throop won the Gold medals at the 2nd and 3rd Computer Olympiad, the Silver medal at the 4th Computer Olympiad, 1992, and was winner of the first World Computer Bridge Championship in 1997 [3]. The version of Bridge Baron by Throop and Guilfoyle was commercialized as Micro Bridge Companion [4] [5].

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