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USB Chess Board,
a series of DIY sensory boards designed by Bryan Whitby, using the Sish software [1] for various microcontrollers written by Matt Fragilio [2]. Initially, Whitby has provided a step by step guide on how to build a cheap and easy USB chess board that connects to the Dream Cheeky USB sensory chess board control unit that enables play against chess programs such as Fritz and Chessmaster [3]. When the Dream Cheeky chess board production stopped and supplies where increasingly hard to find, Matt decided to design his own USB chess board interface based on the Teensy USB Developement Board [4] [5]. As a progression to this, other chess computer enthusiasts have been busy designing their own types of USB chess boards, with details given on Bryan's site [6].

Square Recognition

Square recognition while moving pieces is applied by a matrix of 8x8 push button switches under the board, connected to appropriate input- and output ports of a microcontroller.


By Bryan Whitby [7]
The Modern Board - Testing

The Modern Board - Finished

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