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USB Chess Board,
a series of DIY sensory boards designed by Bryan Whitby, using the Sish software [1] for various microcontrollers written by Matt Fragilio [2]. Initially, Whitby has provided a step by step guide on how to build a cheap and easy USB chess board that connects to the Dream Cheeky USB sensory chess board control unit that enables play against chess programs such as Fritz and Chessmaster [3]. When the Dream Cheeky chess board production stopped and supplies where increasingly hard to find, Matt decided to design his own USB chess board interface based on the Teensy USB-based microcontroller development board [4] [5]. As a progression to this, other chess computer enthusiasts have been busy designing their own types of USB chess boards, with details given on Bryan's site [6].

Square Recognition

Square recognition while moving pieces is applied by a matrix of 8x8 push button switches under the board, connected to appropriate input- and output ports of a microcontroller.


By Bryan Whitby [7]
The Modern Board - Testing

The Modern Board - Finished

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