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Vladimir (Volodya) Butenko,
a Russian computer scientist graduated from Novosibirsk State University in 1968, and early chess programmer. In 1966, Butenko met Mikhail Botvinnik at Moscow Central Chess Club [1], discussing his early ideas on computer chess concerning attack maps and trajectories and that like. They soon began to collaborate.

Vector Attacks

Butenko worked with Botvinnik on a forerunner of a program, in 1977 dubbed Pioneer, and first implemented the 15x15 vector attacks board representation with trajectory determination. The program was developed and ran on a M-20 computer.

Butenko's Program

After Botvinnik introduced his concept of Zones in 1970, Butenko refused further cooperation and began to write his own program, which was reported a good computer chess player in the 70s [2]. Butenko was invited to play the First Soviet Computer-Chess Championship 1988 with his program, but he required a mainframe, which apparently was not feasible to arrange [3].

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