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a didactic open source chess engine under the GNU General Public License written by Ruben Carlo Benante in C. Xadreco is compliant with the Chess Engine Communication Protocol with executables running under Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Xadreco represents its board as two-dimensional 8x8 array, and applies a plain Alpha-Beta search with iterative deepening. Since Version 10.0, Xadreco has a parallel search using processes [1] for each move at the root [2].

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  1. ^ Xadreco Chess Engine: new DeepXadreco linux by beco, CCC, October 22, 2008
  2. ^ readme.txt: 7. Paralelized MINIMAX version, thanks to Anderson Rodrigo Zampronio e Gabriel Campos Araujo (FEI) - Open n process, being n the number of the moves in the first level of the move-tree. For example, for the first move of white, there will be 20 process created (two for each pawn move plus two for both knights)

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