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Zach Wegner,
an American computer scientist and computer chess programmer based in Austin, TX. He has been involved in CC since starting his first program in 2002, at the age of 14 [1]. He is the author of ZCT, an open source engine written in C, and author of Rondo, the continuation of Anthony Cozzie's Zappa. Zach has been an organizer here at the wiki since it began!
Zach Wegner, WCCC 2010 [2]

Rybka Case

Zach Wegner was skeptic by Vasik Rajlich's statements on the origins of Rybka 1.0 beta and its influence from Fruit [3], to investigate and compare disassembled Rybka with Fruit. He published some results on evaluation in 2010 [4] [5].


In 2010, Zach collaborated with Anthony Cozzie, who, still in computer chess retirement, has given control for further development of his massive parallel program Zappa to Zach. The new project Rondo [6] was registered for the WCCC 2010 [7]. Rondo became strong runner up in both the open hardware WCCC 2010 behind Rybka, and the uniform hardware WCSC 2010 close behind Shredder.

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