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Zhixing Chen, (陳志興, CHEN Zhixing [1], May 1931 - October 12, 2008)
was a Chinese chemist, professor of chemistry at the Zhongshan University, Guangzhou [2], and computer Go programmer. His research interests centered around quantum chemistry, in particular organic molecular orbital theory, and educational technology along with his teaching software series, which won the National Prize of Excellent Outcome of Teaching Research in 1989 [3].

Zhixing Chen was author of the Go playing programs HandTalk and GoeMate [4], winner of many computer Go tournaments during the 90s and early 2000s, as well as Gold medal winner of the 5th Computer Olympiad, London 2000, and the 10th Computer Olympiad, Taipei 2005. He further contributed to the Go program Wulu [5], developed by a team including his daughter Guobao Chen, and former professional Go player Xiuyu Lei, and Jinqiang Lu responsible for the GUI [6].
Zhixing Chen [7]


As mentioned in historical examples of the ICGA investigations, entitled Plagiarism in Computer Go in 2000 by Raymond Keene [8], with evidence given by Zhixing Chen [9], HandTalk was plagiarized and incorporated into another commercial Go playing program, KCC Igo [10] aka Silver Igo [11], also dubbed Hit/Hamlet/Medusa, which later evolved to Silver Star [12].

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