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a free chess engine by Will Singleton written in C. Amateur's primary platform was the Macintosh, it was early used as engine for the Fixation internet chess interface. In July 2002 Version 2.0 was released compatible with the Chess Engine Communication Protocol. Amateur's version history [1] indicates the use of null move pruning in conjunction with multi-cut. Amateur played multiple online tournaments such as the CCT Tournaments at FICS and ICC.


Amateur is a development of a program already written in 1977 in 6502 assembly, then expanded in 1986 on the 68000 [2]:
My current program is a development of a program I wrote in 1977 in 6502 assembly, and then expanded in 1986 on the 68000. I converted it to C last year, and then over time put in all I learned from this newsgroup and a full set of ICCA journals. It's been a slow, incremental process, but at this point, right now, I can say that it's an honest program, and I know what's in it and how it works.

In 2002 Will released a WinBoard version, also mentioning starting from scratch again [3]:
I released it to kind of memorialize all the work that went into it, and I certainly have learned a lot. But I can't improve it much more, given the limitations of its "design." So the next version will be a new project, from scratch. The goal is to have a good, extensible design, using whatever knowledge I've gained along the way.

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