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Andres Valverde Toresano,
a Spanish agricultural engineer, chess fan and computer chess programmer. He has written the correspondence or email chess tool ECTool [1], a client program for XfccBasic [2] Web Services, XECTool [3], the Chess Engine Communication Protocol compatible chess engine EveAnn [4], and in collaboration with Pradu Kannan and Fonzy Bluemers the WinBoard engine Dirty, which is a hybrid between Buzz (Search) and EveAnn (Evaluation) [5].

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  1. ^ Andres Valverde Home Site - ECTool
  2. ^ XfccBasic Web Service by Martin Bennedik
  3. ^ Andres Valverde Home Site - XECTool
  4. ^ Andres Valverde Home Site - EveAnn
  5. ^ Dirty Chess Engine

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