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an open source chess application for Android, written by Jeroen Carolus, released under the MIT License. Android-Chess consists of a Java chess GUI and an engine. The engine was initially written in Java for Jeroen's pruning research and M.Sc. thesis [1], and has been ported to C++ and communicates with the GUI via JNI.
Android-Chess [2]


Android-Chess is a bitboard engine using rotated bitboards to determine sliding piece attacks, and does not take advantage of the outer square optimization using an 8-bit occupied index with four lookup tables of 256*64*8 or 128 KiB each, thus 1/2 MiB in total. Alpha-beta is embedded inside an iterative deepening loop without aspiration. Evaluation considers material and various pawn structure and piece terms.

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  2. ^ andriod-Chess

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